Plein Air Paintings

Plein air- noun

1.the open air, especially the daylight of outdoors.

2.Fine Arts. the quality of light and atmosphere out of doors, especiallythis quality as rendered in painting.

The basis of all creation to me is the natural world. I have had many great teachers in my career as an artist. David Kinker, Yer Za Vue, Thomas Jefferson Kitts, Kevin Clark, and Paul Zegers being my biggest influences. The greatest teacher of all of them is nature herself. There is no better teacher visually than the truth lying in front of me. As an outdoor painter I am trained to paint what is in front of me. Through my eyes. Not the lens of a camera. It is my true interpretation. My lifestyle is conducive to being in beautiful and inspiring places. Cold streams and rivers where steelhead run. Rolling hills and rugged steep desert scapes where sheep compete for the best cliffs. Ancient rocks of the sea standing strong to the abrasive and persistent waters that threaten their mass over the length of time. There is no better studio for me than the ever changing light and changing seasons of our world. A world that calls my heart and moves my paint brush. Enjoy this collection of outside plein air pieces that tell the stories of my journeys.