• James Sampsel

Orcas Island Plein Air Tour July 2018

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

This last July Kait, Juniper, and I where privileged to visit Beach Haven Resort on Orcas Island in the state of Washington. Kait spent many summers playing on the ocean rowing her brothers around the bay in search of lingcod, rockfish, and dog shark. It was apparent that she was in her element and there is no wonder. Orcas Island is ladened with beautiful landscapes. The island showcases old barns unique with foreign architecture, ports that house what seems to be a mish-mash of weathered ships and vessels, and of course the rainforests. "It's almost impossible to be inspired. There's a painting around every corner!" I found myself saying often. The results where a painting groove that you feel less often as a working artist. A pure state of "flow". We will be back next year for sure. Please enjoy these works from our travels. Click here for prices and availability.

"This was a great morning at Deer Harbor. What struck me first was the red boat up on the work deck. Halfway through the piece the boat was ready to launch and receded into the distance. The early bird gets a worm on this one!"

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